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5star uk

Aug 22, 2013 by Jayy1234

Incredibly useful!

I honestly hadn’t considered half of what is included in this app when I wrote previous drafts but starting again with this app has been so much easier and has produced (so far at least) a personal statement that I am immensely proud of.

Whilst I did think it was expensive for an app, this really is much more than that, it hopefully will change your life and I am certainly pleased with how much guidance and the number of tips it includes and therefore think the price is completely justifiable! Good luck to anyone applying to university, this should definitely help you.


5star uk

May 4, 2013 by yob8by


I’m currently writing my application for Medical School, and this app is so helpful. It breaks the personal statement into five sections and leads you through grammar, structure, language, and phrasing. It’s so worth the money, I highly recommend it.


5star uk

Apr 23, 2013 by JackStenskie


I thought it was pretty good , but it turns out it was really good since it gained me an unconditional at the university of Aberdeen with them commenting how important personal statement were to get a place at their university


5star uk

Jan 16, 2013 by Mooni32

Very useful app!

Really helped to give good structure to my daughter’s UCAS application. I was happy to pay for it.


5star uk

Jan 6, 2013 by Martin Barnett

Really great app for UCAS

Helps so much in starting and structuring a personal statement, gives great advice and examples. Well worth the buy.


5star uk

Dec 17, 2012 by Thomas Wright


I had no idea where to start or what to do this app is amazing.


5star uk

Nov 4, 2012 by Sew567

So helpful!

Before getting this app I didn’t know what I write and was unsure what to include but this app helped me write a great personal statement. Thank you.


5star uk

Oct 11, 2012 by Talor smith


wait for it DARY – So far it’s been soo helpful, there’s nothing I can really say that it hasn’t helped me with, THANKS UCAStips on twitter for recommending this!


5star uk

Sep 29, 2012 by Bill Hilton

Stand-out app

Because I write for a living I often get roped into helping friends’ kids with their UCAS personal statements. It can be a time-consuming, tricky process. Something I’ve noticed is that kids at private schools get much more help with their statements than their state school peers – who often get little or none, and probably suffer as a result. This app really levels the playing field. It’s simple, clear and authoritative. My favourite feature isn’t a feature as such, but an attitude that that authors work really hard to instil: clear and simple is best. Students are often tempted to use fancy words and complex constructions in an effort to impress. Far better to write something that’s elegant and readable. I really can’t recommend this app highly enough – a brilliant piece of work.


5star uk

Sep 23, 2012 by Billyb46787432


Though I had already completed my inital PS draft, this App enabled me to structure it exactly as I wanted and really polish it off, transforming mine from a rock to a diamond… Or at least I hope so. The tutor that designed this will make serious money off of this App, and fair play, because it is modern, slick, sexy looking but seriously functional. This App can make your PS seriously good, and helps to unlock that ‘sell yourself’ talent faster than a mini skirt. I’m sure you get what I mean.


5star uk

Sep 19, 2012 by Marcus122123


The personal statement is the part I feared most because I didn’t have much understanding of what it was but this app really helps and makes the PS a whole lot easier !!!


5star uk

Sep 10, 2012 by Jasoon36

Real help!

Great app to use. I got stuck and it has given me a structure to follow and to improve my statement!


5star uk

Sep 9, 2012 by R. Burrows-O’Donoghue

Essential uni app!

Brilliant! It’s always a struggle to know where to start your personal statement. Breaking the process down into 5 different stages helps make writing your personal statement a lot less daunting! The easy access allows you to add to your personal statement on the move. The clear layout makes it simple and easy to use and the use of examples helps to further guide you. Essential for any university hopeful! It definitely helped me to get 4 medical school interviews!


5star uk

Aug 31, 2012 by Alexander Jaques

Very Helpful

Clear-cut tips highlighting the ways in which to construct a well-written personal statement :)


5star uk

Aug 29, 2012 by KelzR

Fantastic app!

Awesome app for writing a personal statement. Breaks it down in to easier stages, and is so easy to follow! Personal statement has to be short and this app focuses on all the key points to wow a university! Really helpful !


5star uk

Aug 29, 2012 by L.E.Mann

Makes UCAS applications A LOT less daunting!

Really useful App that makes the whole application process manageable. Being able to break the process down into individual stages and readdress them so easily makes redrafting simple. The layout also makes it interesting and manageable to read and is particularly helpful when wanting to complete on the move and not having to find access to a computer; reminding you constantly of areas of focus so that you don’t have to flick between documents. Well worth my pocket money!


5star uk

Aug 27, 2012 by Dr doodles

Superb app for all UCAS applicants

Breaks a daunting process down into simple stages, offering plenty of useful examples and technical advice on how to write well. Why would you start something some important without it?


5star uk

Aug 26, 2012 by cefolkes


Brilliant app! It is very easy to use; simplifying the process of the personal statement by dividing it into 5 stages and containing all the essential and needed information. With being able to have easy access to your statement you now no longer need to worry or rush to write something down you might forget. This app really is essential for a ucas student who is aiming for a successful statement!!


5star uk

Aug 25, 2012 by Rebecca Williamson

 Makes writing a PS easy!

I’m applying to university next month and was finding writing my Personal Statement really difficult – I didn’t know where to start, what to say, what not to say etc. I bought this app after seeing the glowing reviews and am pleased to say they’re well deserved! Everything is structured well and informative. It’s easy to navigate through and allows you to modify anything you’ve written which is perfect for those spur of the moment bursts of inspiration. I would advise anyone who is thinking about writing a personal statement to invest in this. £3 is nothing compared to wowing the admissions officer and bagging yourself a spot at uni, studying your chosen course!


5star uk

Aug 24, 2012 by Marcus Bridgland


Really really good app to write a personal statement. The examples & tips really help, and the easy and slick use of the app makes it so much easier to write the statement. I would definitely recommend it, and for £3, its a bargain for the help it gives.


5star uk

Aug 23, 2012 by Mandyhugs

Mandy Hugill

Wow Amazing app! This app is truly fantastic and so easy to use. It explains everything you need to do to write the best possible Personal Statement to gain entry to your chosen University.


5star uk

Aug 22, 2012 by ChorkieT

Must have app!

This is fantastic! So easy to navigate, concise and inspirational. I would recommend this App to anyone about to write their personal statement and if you have already composed yours, download this anyway and then take a second look at it!


5star uk

Aug 22, 2012 by Simon Philips

I’d be lost without this!

Fantastically simple to use. I’ve been struggling to know where to even begin with my personal statement for so long. This app has made it so much less long-winded and daunting in comparison to some of the books I’ve tried before. For the help and confidence it’s given me I’d seriously recommend it!


5star uk

Aug 21, 2012 by Siskey470


This app is great. The 5 steps of writing the statement break everything down concisely and effectively. I was dreading writing my statement before, but now I hope that it will be a little easier.


5star uk

Aug 21, 2012 by Alex Newman

A really useful app!

The thing with this app is that it a) it is intuitive and easy to use and b) it provides practical assistance for the daunting task of writing your UCAS personal statement. In short – it is REALLY USEFUL! As a sixth form tutor myself, I know how difficult and stressful it can be for students to put together an impressive personal statement which can stand them out from the crowd as part of the university application process. This app allows the students to read a section for advice and then apply that advice to a draft version of their own statement all on the same place. The sample statements also provide a good point of reference too and students can benchmark their own efforts against good versions from previous applications. Well done for bringing bring UCAS advice into the 21st Century! Great app! 


5star uk

Aug 21, 2012 by ldjedwards

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

This app is genius! Not only does it explain what to write for your PS, it also helps you to DO it, and does all the structuring for you. No more staring fearfully at that scary white box. This app takes all the stress out of the process. Easy to use, great examples, and I can do the work wherever and whenever I want.Big thank you! P.S. Have you got another one to help me get a summer job?


5star uk

Aug 21, 2012 by Bkay15 

Fantastic app!

Great app for anyone attempting to write a personal statement – clear guidelines and simple to use but with some expert advice. Helped me get into the uni I wanted!


5star uk

Aug 21, 2012 by L C Edwards

Fantastic app!

This is a great app and will really help with the important business of writing personal statements. The book got interviews for my two children at Oxford and Cambridge. The app is even better!

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