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By Nigel 

This book was worth every penny! It’s step by step guide to writing a personal statement made the task less daunting and the abundance of examples throughout the book really helped me understand exactly what universities are looking for! A must buy.

★★★★★So useful

By Paul C 

Very clear and helpful. Gives a clear approach to how to write a good personal statement. Well worth buying it.

★★★★★excellent book

By Sandie Howard 

Brilliant and simple advice for UCAS applications, would highly recommend it to all students to buy, or get from their local library

★★★★★personal statement book

By Bernadette Collier 

Excellent advice. Excellent examples. Should be included in every sixth form school and college. Very useful for parents as well.

★★★★★ Excellent!

By Elizabeth Laing 

A UCAS Personal Statement is so important and this book sets out how to write one in 5 comprehensive steps. I can’t rate it highly enough.

★★★★★ Very Useful.

By treacle 

Does just what it suggests , really useful, carefully laid out, makes a Ucas Statement less onerous, well worth the money and I shall pass it on to others once my family have finished with it.

★★★★★ Great Help.

By H. Taylor 

As an American studying in London, I had no idea where to start when it came time to write my personal statement for Oxford. This book really helped me write a great personal statement by providing lots of example statements and detailed instructions. Although I wish it had a few more examples (such as for physics applicants), I would definitely recommend it to anyone applying through UCAS.

★★★★★ Wonderful – an invaluable help! 

By Smili452013 (Denmark) 

I can thoroughly recommend this book to anyone having to write a Personal Statement. This book guides you through every step with loads of valuable advice and examples so you can get a feel for the tone and content, such a text has to have.

Before reading this book the task of writing a statement seemed daunting, but this book really makes it clear what you have to do and how to do it. It teaches you to write about the right things in the right way.

Buy it!

★★★★★ Excellent Guide.

By a Student 

Excellent Guide! Really helped guide me through my personal statement step-by-step but without influencing it too heavily. I would have been stuck without it! I’d definitely recommend this above others as it doesn’t just repeat the basic rules that have probably been drummed into your head already. Nor is it too heavy, the paragraphs are broken down into a few lines each and it feels as if a real person is guiding you through it, with constant reminders of the ‘golden rule’ and a few examples in the back to compare yours too.

Again, really good product – strongly recommend!

★★★★★ A must buy – successfully breaks down a daunting task.

By Jonathan Slade 

Despite reading a few examples of personal statements online, I still had no idea where to start. After weeks and weeks of procrastination, I finally bought this book; within a few hours, I’d written my first draft! This book splits the task into five sections and describes exactly what you should and should not do, giving lots of examples taken from successful candidates. The writing is clear, informative and interesting – this book has it all.

★★★★★ A great book! 

By Matthew Cant 

An excellent guide to writing a quality UCAS personal statement.

The task can seem intimidating at first, but Paul Telfer’s book will direct any worried Sixth Former through all of their personal statement worries, in detail, from the planning stage to the finished article.

Concise and full of useful tips, I would recommend this book to anyone applying to university.

★★★★★ Superb Buy…A Must Have!!

By C. Renner 

With teachers, parents and university speakers all telling me about how important my personal statement is, I bought this book with the intention of making mine stand out. That it is sure to do!

The advice given is very accurate (with the author having many years experience) and it is very much up to date. I love the layout, which is clear and simple, as it gets the message across without being anything like a novel. No matter what course you are applying to, this book WILL help!

I would definitely recommend this to any university applicant!!


By Joey P 

This book is excellent, it offers accurate and trustworthy information in an easy-to understand way. I highly recommend it to any university applicants!!


By Alina 

Short but complete. Provides new, different advice on writing your statement, not the usual cliches. However, this book alone is not enough, it is more about little tricks to help improving it-and they work!! 

★★★★★ Excellent Book Simple to follow that gives direction.

By L. Marshall 

I bought this book for my son and he found it very helpful. it is clear and precise and enabled him to structure his personal statement. There are some very worthwhile tips inside too. 

★★★★★ Great book.

By LR 

Having received endless, and quite frankly useless, sheets of paper from college about writing personal statements, this book was a god send. It is well written and easy to use, and more importantly, very effective. It highlights what’s required without waffling, and is very user friendly, with clear advice and guidance. Eleven pounds may seem a lot of money, but it’s nothing compared to the usefulness of this book. I’d recommend it to anybody using the UCAS system. 

★★★★★ Excellent flow through the process.

By A. C. Moule (hartlepool) (REAL NAME)    

As a parent who did not need a personal statement in 1982 when I went to University this book looks invaluable in both its content and the form in which it is written.

★★★★★ Ab fab!

By Marie Fraser (UK)

Just what was needed to help my grandson prepare his statement for his UCAS application. It arrived as I hoped in time for our weekend visit to the family and for me to simply introduce it to him one stage at a time. We didn’t move on until each section was drafted on his laptop. As an ex-teacher, I thought it could have been rather overwhelming if a student tried to read right through alone at one sitting. The elephant-eating method works best! A brilliant book for the purpose – spot on!

★★★★★ Buy this if you don’t know where to start.

By Mrs. C. Fuller “mrsblunstone” (N. Yorks., UK) (REAL NAME)    

I can really recommend this book to all sixth-formers and their parents who are faced with the seemingly impossible task of writing a UCAS personal statement. It isn’t aimed, unlike some, specifically at those who are hoping to go to Oxford or Cambridge and it acknowledges that some students will want to apply for non-traditional degree courses such as Tourism.

The book won’t write the statement for you, but it breaks down that mountain into a series of easily do-able molehills, starting with lists and working up gradually to five straightforward sections. At every stage the author stops you, prompts you and reminds you- just like having a good English teacher at your elbow- so that you don’t leave anything out, get the balance right and use the correct language to impress admissions tutors. Then when you think you’ve finished he prompts you to re-draft, a vital exercise.

There are plenty of excellent sample statements at the back too, but by the time you get to those you won’t be tempted to copy them: your statement will be just as original and good and they won’t daunt you by their excellence. All you have to do is work steadily through each section- it’s a doddle.

Don’t go online, desperately reading through example statements for relevant phrases. It will drive you mad and your statement will turn out just as derivative, waffly and rubbish as the ones you read. Buy this book and it will fill you full of confidence.

★★★★★ An outstanding book.

By James Kessell (UK) (REAL NAME)    

I found this book a fantastic help in writing my personal statement – it made a daunting task seem so much easier . Paul Telfer has taken the complexity out of writing personal statements by breaking it down into five easy stages and providing helpful examples from past successful applicants. Without this I would have been lost. A MUST for any university applicant.

★★★★★ Absolutely Essential.

By Ken Jones (UK)  

Where do you start with “possibly the single most important document you will ever write”. The answer is simple, Paul Telfer’s book – Personal Statements.

This is the third time I have tried to help with a Personal Statement. The first time was long and painful, the second was a little easier. The third is progressing smoothly because now we know what we have to say, how we should say it and the order we have to say it in. This book was invaluable for a “3rd statement veteran” so I suggest that for anybody new to this it is absolutely essential.

The book is beautifully written and structured and so logical and easy to follow. There’s even a really useful lesson on grammar and punctuation at the back. Now that we have this book we are wondering what all the fuss is about. Whether you are a student on your own or a parent trying to help, buy it. It will be money well spent.

★★★★★ Fantastic aid!

By R. Griffiths “R.Griffiths” (UK) (REAL NAME)    

This book is a fantastic way to get started, especially in the early stages when you may not know how/what to include. It gives you a basic framework to work from and handy hints about how to link paragraphs. Follow the guidelines however ensure that you make it personal and relevant to you! A great tool.

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